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Faculty Spotlight


Faculty Spotlight Introduction

Every educational institution is built on the experience and the passion of its faculty. At Lake Erie College we take great pride in our faculty, and we would like you to meet some of the members of this great group of professionals. Just click on their profiles below to find out more about their experience with Lake Erie or their field of study, or read some of the stories they like to tell about the students they have taught.

Julie Ziemak, Assistant Professor of

"One of my goals as their professor is to open as
many doors as possible. It is so exciting to sit
back and watch them pass through those doors
to an endless amount of opportunities."

Linda Siegel, Assistant Professor of
Middle Childhood Education

"I know I learn from my colleagues, and am
pushed because of their brilliance and their
work ethic, and their deep care for the

Pam Hess, Dean of the School of
Equine Studies and Assistant Professor of
Equine Studies

"Our students are some of the best and brightest,
and the prestige and reputation of the LEC equine
program [helped me] transition out of the private
medical practice and return to teaching."

Jonathan Tedesco, Assistant Professor
of Chemistry

"Chemistry is a fascinating subject in that

everything we do on a daily basis involves it.
It is impossible not to use chemistry, even
if you don’t realize you are taking advantage of it.”

Tabrina Smith, Assistant Professor of

"Every year, Betty and I have our seniors over to
her house for dinner after their Senior Research
presentations. It's a wonderful opportunity to say
'Goodbye for now'."

Chris Tucci, Adjunct Faculty - Criminal

"Teaching allows me to explore the law with
students who are eager and interested in
law—this is why I believe teaching is one of the
most fulfilling professional experiences."

Steven GutierrezAssistant Professor
of Integrated Media

"I wanted to go somewhere where I could work with
the students more personally. The small class
structure was extremely exciting because I knew
I would be able to work with students one-on-one."

Joe Weber, Director of Physician
Assistant Program

"The field of medicine is exciting and evolving so
there are many opportunities to grow in my
career. I love teaching medical topics so students
can one day enter this exciting field, too."

Jennifer Swartz, Assistant Professor of
English and Communications

"English majors have the ability to succeed in
any career they choose. English is an excellent
foundation for those who want to pursue law
school, journalism, library science or professional
writing. Others have obtained employment in many
corporate settings."

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