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Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.

Dr. McQuaid published in “Societal Impact of Spaceflight”

An essay authored by Lake Erie College Professor of history Kim McQuaid, Ph.D., was recently published in a book titled, “Societal Impact of Spaceflight.” The book was released by NASA’s office of external relations history division.
Of the 34 contributors to the book, only two are from “teaching colleges,” while the remainder hail from research institutions, such as Auburn University, Georgia Tech, Iowa state, Rutgers and NASA’s human spaceflight center in Houston, Texas.
McQuaid’s contribution (Chapter 22 in the volume) looks at the intersection of social, racial and political forces in the l970s and l980s, and helps explain how and why women and racial minorities got into outer space and into positions of managerial authority in NASA after about l980.
The essay resulted from a presentation delivered by McQuaid at the Societal Impact of Spaceflight Conference in Washington, D.C. in September, 2006 entitled, “Racism, Sexism, and Space Ventures: Civil Rights at NASA in the Nixon Era and Beyond.” Organized by the NASA History Division and the NASA Department of Space History, the conference was held at the Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
McQuaid’s presentation clarified the interplay of sociopolitical change within and around NASA, and also casts a light on race and gender tensions within affirmative action. It concluded that NASA’s political lags on race and gender issues within a conservative, white, male, military test-pilot and engineering-focused organizational culture induced more cooperation among groups being discriminated against than conflict among them. It also demonstrated how professional black women played important “bridge leadership” roles in this process of organizational conflict and accommodation.
McQuaid received his bachelor degree in history at Antioch College and his master’s and doctorate in U.S. history at Northwestern University. A Woodrow Wilson Fellow in 1970, he has also held several Fulbright Overseas Teaching positions. McQuaid is a frequent contributor to academic and nonacademic journals. His piece titled, “Selling the Space Age: NASA and Earth’s Environment, 1958–1990,” appeared in “Environment and History,” a journal published in the United Kingdom. He is currently at work on a piece covering the social history of the Space Age.
Additionally, McQuaid has published several books including, “Creating the Welfare State” (coauthored with Edward Berkowitz); “Big Business and Presidential Power; A Response to Industrialism: Liberal Businessmen and the Evolving Spectrum of Capitalist Reform, 1886–1960;” “The Anxious Years: America in the Vietnam-Watergate Era” and “Uneasy Partners: Big Business in American Politics, 1945–1990.”
Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.


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