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Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.

Painesville City and Lake Erie College go wireless

The City of Painesville and Lake Erie College have retained Beta Strategy Group (BSG) to design and implement a project which BSG has dubbed “Painesville MuniSync™.” The primary engineering and deployment focus of the Painesville project will be to light up the Lake Erie campus with a wireless infrastructure and then to direct a signal towards downtown Painesville. 
This will broadband-enable the majority of City buildings and eGovernment applications desired (such as meter reading, sensor detection, emergency vehicle location systems and video surveillance), while improving campus life and interaction with the City at large. By working together, both the City and College will share the implementation and maintenance costs, resulting in a greatly reduced, overall communications infrastructure budget. Ultimately, through these costs savings, MuniSync™, as designed by Beta Strategy Group, will pay for itself.

The second phase of the deployment into the community will see strategically placed wireless hotspots, offering local users a secure, high-speed internet access throughout various areas of the city. This phase will let residents and visitors surf the web or access email wherever a signal is available.
Due to the impending network implementation, the Lake Erie College board of directors agreed, on Oct. 29, 2007, to also retain BSG to create a modern network with large-scale wireless access. The extent of the work will see the College’s technology upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment, and the campus becoming completely “wireless.” This will allow members of the network to access information, and their work, from anywhere on the College grounds and areas of the City where wireless ‘hotspots’ are set up.
This new technology will see faster download speeds and increased reliability and security. In addition to this, the vast improvements in the College’s technology infrastructure will allow students to work more efficiently, enable the faculty to deliver the resources of the internet to their students in real time and will allow the College greater capacity to accommodate additional students as the student body and faculties grow.
As part of BSG’s work with The City of Painesville, it will create packaged incentives that communicate value-added services and broadband availability to businesses based in the existing commercial parkways and vacant real estate. These packages will differentiate the area for would-be employers and for business start ups, and see the City of Painesville become truly a connected community.
When complete, due to the levels of connectivity and the cost sharing involved in the network, the network will help to attract new businesses into the area. Technology-based companies, who would need to establish such systems when locating their businesses, will find a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure ready and waiting for them in the City of Painesville.
BSG was chosen because of its design and implementation experience in community lead initiatives. Such experience includes projects to create wireless networks, such as the Mayfield Village wireless canopy, as well as networks in other regions of the country, including Broward County, Fla. The MuniSync™ program is an advanced technology offering and economic development strategy developed by Beta specifically for municipalities. The firm plans to announce a significant channel alliance in 2008 targeting municipalities and has several software patents now in development. 
Fore more information, contact City Manager Rita McMahon at 440.392.5800 or Jana Holwick, vice president of administration and finance at Lake Erie College, at 440.375.7252 or
Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.


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