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July 19, 2013

Incoming Freshman Rachel Serkasevich Involved in Wild Horse Rescue

Incoming freshman Rachel Serkasevich of Welch, Minn. became involved in a wild horse rescue after her neighbors Bob and Deb Fjetland saw a magazine article about the Nokota horse-a horse with a rare bloodline dating back to the late 1800s.

Discovering that some of these horses still exist in the wild, the Fjetlands began to attend auctions. They purchased six Nokota horses in an auction in 2009 after starting a small breeding operation. Many remarkable experiences took place after purchasing these horses. A one-week old foal was seen climbing up a near-vertical embankment after its mother-an action that most wild weanlings cannot perform.

Serkasevich has been assisting the Fjetlands in teaching and gentling the horses, which requires recognizing the horses' language and instilling trust.

"Their efforts created a calm, relaxed and friendly herd," Serkasevich said about the Fjetlands. "While walking in other horse herds might make a person feel unsafe, this one feels comfortable."

Unfortunately, among the buyers at the auctions are slaughterhouses. The Fjetlands, along with Serkasevich, are on a mission to create awareness and promote the specialness and intelligence of the horses.

Serkasevich will be attending Lake Erie College in Fall 2013 and will be a part of the equine studies program.


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