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Equine Studies Concentrations
Lake Erie College's Equine Studies Program is your first step on the road to success.  The broad-based liberal arts foundation that Lake Erie College provides, combined with a major program of study, is the best preparation for any career.  Students learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and develop a sense of confidence that promotes leadership skills.


Equine Studies Concentrations

Therapeutic Horsemanship

The concentration in Therapeutic Horsemanship gives students a theoretical knowledge of and practical experience with teaching horsemanship to people with disabilities. Successful students gain insight into the physical, psychosocial, cognitive and emotional effects of horses on human beings, particularly those people who have special needs or challenges. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared and qualified to become key employees in organizations offering equine-assisted activities.

Students are also expected to demonstrate an intermediate level of riding proficiency showing a secure seat, following hand and steady, clear aids. A thirty-hour teaching internship under the supervision of a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship ) International certified therapeutic riding instructor formerly North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) is also required.

Stud Farm Concentration

The concentration in Stud Farm Management prepares individuals for positions of responsibility in the equine breeding business. General science and physiology, along with the business courses in management, provide a sound educational background for the more specialized course work in equine health, nutrition, genetics, and reproduction. Internships, Academic Programs Abroad, independent study, and laboratory work provide knowledge and expertise in farm management, breeding, foaling, and marketing. Exposure to a wide variety of farm management techniques provides a foundation of information for future stud farm managers. The Stud Farm Management concentration provides a specialized foundation in equine science for students preparing for veterinary or graduate level programs at other institutions.

In the fall we offer EQ 181 Breeding Practicum. Students enroll with a wide variety of skill sets. Some students have handled breeding horses prior to this class and some have general horse handling skills. This class provides a great opportunity for students to teach and learn from each other. In the spring we offer EQ 242 Breeding Practicum for students that have completed EQ 181. In the laboratory students learn how to handle the stallions, mares and foals, collect and process semen and artificially inseminate mares.

Each spring the EQ 242 Stud Farm Management class has foal watch as part of its curriculum. Students monitor the pregnant mare using a video monitoring system.

EQ 405 offers students the opportunity to work on a group research project in the area of equine reproduction. Students have evaluated semen extenders, the effects of lighting on estrous and the use of pharmaceuticals in the breeding shed.



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