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Legal Studies

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Science

The Legal Studies major combines a strong liberal arts foundation with a course of study that allows for insight into and practical experience with various facets of the law. Students learn the processes and principles of legal research, investigative techniques, and business, civil, criminal and constitutional law, and learn practical skills of legal assisting, research and writing. Additionally, they may take coursework across a spectrum of disciplines in the social sciences—psychology, sociology, political science—that complement the learning in the field.

 While Ohio prohibits the practice of law by non-attorneys, this major prepares students for a variety of positions in the legal and business professions, or to pursue a degree in law.

This major provides students with the skills and knowledge required to carry out various types of legal assistant/administrator responsibilities such as legal research, writing and investigations. Legal assistants work for private law firms, government, banks, insurance companies and real estate agencies. Ohio prohibits the practice of law by non-attorneys. In addition to the College's general transfer credit policy, any student transferring legal specialty credits must comply with the following policy:
The Legal Studies Program Director will review the course description and/or syllabus of any legal specialty course taken at another institution to ascertain if it is equivalent to a course at Lake Erie College and determine whether to allow credit. Twenty semester credits must be taken in the major in residence at Lake Erie College which must include the following:
  • LG 410 Ethics (1 SH)
  • LG 420 Senior Seminar (3 SH)
  • LG 450 Internship (4 SH)

(Program approved by the American Bar Association)

Requirements for this Major:

46 semester credits including:

and 16 semester credits from the following:

Note: There may be specific credit hour requirements for Internships. Students should review requirements with their academic advisor.

Students are encouraged to take additional coursework in related fields such as foreign languages, business administration, international business, accounting, communications, etc.

Early Admission Agreement Between Lake Erie College and Duquesne University Law School

Lake Erie College (LEC) and Duquesne University Law School (DULS) have established a 3+3 Program in which a student completes three full years of study at LEC, followed by three years at DULS, culminating in a baccalaureate degree from LEC after the fourth full year of study and the J.D. degree from DULS after the sixth full year of post-secondary study. DULS will accept for regular admission all candidates from LEC who meet the following eligibility requirements:
- Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above for three years (96 cr.);
- Completion of one undergraduate major program of study and all general education requirements;
- Minimum LSAT score in the 60th percentile, taken by the end of the fall term of junior year;
- Recommendation by a jointly administered Selection Committee;
- Completion of DULS Office of Admissions protocols and application. Please direct any questions concerning the Law School Early Admission Agreement to the Associate V.P. of Academic Affairs in the Office of Academic Affairs.

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