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Individualized Academic Major

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, or Bachelor of Science

An individualized academic major is an option available to those students who wish to design a major of their own that is different from the other more traditional majors offered by Lake Erie but still capable of being supported by the resources which the College has at its disposal. Students who wish to pursue this option must obtain an application from the Registrar's Office and prepare a proposal, which includes clearly defined objectives, a rationale and a list of specific courses that are to be completed.

Requirements for this Major:

A minimum of 40 semester credits, 20 of which must be taken at Lake Erie College.

A minimum of 15 semester credits from 300- and 400-level courses, including a senior capstone course.

Approval by a faculty sponsor, the division Dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Approval before reaching Junior standing (64 SH)

*In those cases where there is a choice between the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree, the Bachelor of Science is awarded where there are at least three quantitative courses in the major. A quantitative course is defined as one that uses mathematics as its central symbol system.

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