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Equine Entrepreneurship

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Science

According to the Department of Labor, about three in five animal trainers are self-employed, compared to one out of six in the late 1990's. The equine entrepreneurship degree program is a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on the core business management and equine studies courses required to be a successful entrepreneur in the equine industry. Business acumen and a strong equine knowledge base are essential to the success of all equine businesses. The equine entrepreneurship program emphasizes financial and personnel management skills, marketing and business operations, principles involved in the equine nutrition and health and business management.
The coursework provides the following:
  • An understanding of the scope of the equine industry and its economical value to society.
  • Management skills necessary for a successful venture development in the equine industry.
  • Knowledge and skills in effective equine health care and prevention.
  • Consulting experience with equine business ventures.
  • Experience in the development of a business plan for a start-up equine venture.
Restrictions and General Information
  • A minimum overall 2.5 GPA for all coursework.
  • Courses taken on a pass/fail basis may not be applied to the major.
  • At least one-half of the courses are to be taken at Lake Erie College.
General Education Requirements specific to this major
EN 140 Principles of Critical Analysis (4 SH)
PS 101 General Psychology (4 SH)
BI 100 Concepts of Biology (4 SH) OR BI 101/BI 101L Introductory Biology I and Lab (3/1 SH)

Requirements for this Major:

74 semester credits including:

44 semester credits of Management Course Requirements:

30 semester credits of Equine Studies Course Requirements.

29 semester credits from the following:

and eight semester credits from:


and one semester credit from the following:

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