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Our Traditions

Lake Erie College celebrates its rich heritage throughout the year with a number of activities and events. From Founder's Day, first celebrated over 115 years ago to the Storm Football Team patting Tiberius on the head for a winning season, the students, faculty and staff take an active role in celebrating and recognizing the traditions that have shaped the College throughout the years.

Founder's Day
Borrowed from our founding institution, Mount Holyoke, this tradition was first celebrated in 1894.
  Class Receptions
Hosting class receptions is a tradition at Lake Erie College that dates back to 1926.
Mountain Day
On a sunny fall day, waking up to the sound of a marching band at 6:00 a.m. is music to our student's ears!
  New Student Convocation
As new students, the tradition begins during the first few days of the academic year.
Honors Convocation
Each year, Lake Erie College seniors are honored at the end of the year Honors Convocation.
  Alma Mater
The most sacred of all Lake Erie College traditions is that of the alma mater.
Senior Week
After years of studying, graduating seniors can unwind with their best friends the week before commencement.
Commencement has always been a most important College event.
Tiberius, the quiet sentinel guarding Lake Erie College, has been through a lot in past years as the college's four-foot-high canine mascot.
Lake Erie College has had a variety of mascots throughout the years.  This is Stormy's story.


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