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First-Year Seminar Science, Health and the Environment


HU125: Critical Thinking Through Science and Math

There is so much more to science and mathematics above and beyond memorizing and proving formulas, equations, and calculations. Math is all about patterns and rhythms, so there is plenty of math in art. Whether it's the visual arts or the performing arts, math can be a tool, an inspiration, or simply something that's naturally contained within the structures and patterns. In this course we will enjoy mathematics through geometry, art, and architecture.

We will take classroom math in context by explaining the bigger picture — exploring applications in the real world, finding math in unusual places, and delving into mathematical history and philosophy.

We will understand: why Superman is disproportional, the structure of fractals is in your body, why sequences are important to nature and science, the use of graphic design, and the geometry of life (plant geometric growth, crystal structures, and living spirals.) The topics may include the art and architecture of Islam, Renaissance art, modern art and art deco. Possible guest lectures will be from area architects and Lake Erie’s Art department. We will visit The Cleveland Museum of Art.

You will not only visualize but also experience the beauty of math through a variety of projects. You only need to want to enjoy seeing mathematics through a different eye, the eye of the artist, philosopher, and nature. Possible topics will include: The Golden Ratio, Fractals, Tilings, Frieze, Perspective, Sequences, Pythagoras, Euclid, Escher, Fibonacci, DaVinci and Euler.

We will look how science and belief permeate our lives. We buy products that involve claims, purchase health care product, decide what food to eat, and what life style changes to make in order to stay healthy. These claims are based on logic and evidence. And we need critical thinking to evaluate them properly. As we explore the sciences we will think of how a superhero will help. This will lead us to visit the Lake Erie College Pheasant Run Airport. We will study flight, build and fly our ‘artistic’ kites. Experiment with gravity, ink blots, the nucleus of an embryo. While looking at how pseudo-science proves their ideas correct with our looking at how they are false, we will learn to question our results.

This will conclude with looking at Urban Legends, and marketing scams. - Should you really sign that petition?

Using our knowledge of math and science we will all create Superheroes.

To succeed in the class all you need is a willingness to play, learn, question. A student needs to have had or is taking MT109, Precalculus.

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