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Spanish Studies

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Arts

The goal of the LEC Department of Spanish Studies is to provide students with hands-on experiential learning opportunities and cultural activities to stimulate active student participation in the learning process among diverse, non-traditional classroom environments.

Our program offers students the opportunity to apply Spanish language acquisition skills to both global and local communities by challenging students to be innovative, critical thinkers who develop a strong cultural competence by appreciating diverse perspectives.

 A concentration in Spanish language, culture, and professional and social practices is one option as well within the International Business major, and speaks to the value and importance of cultural sensitivity and awareness for success in the global economy.

 Various opportunities available to students include: tutoring and mentoring opportunities, hands on learning and experiential learning projects, cultural activities, and the Spanish Club student organization.

Traditionally, people from the United States are not obligated to learn another language besides English. However, economic globalization has made communication among cultures and nations more important than ever. Spanish is spoken by almost 400 million people worldwide; moreover, about half the population of the Western Hemisphere speaks Spanish, making it the primary language for as many people as English in this part of the world. Even within the U.S. Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language. A major in Spanish Studies allows students to engage with a rich variety of history, literature, art, and architecture -- the cultures of Cervantes, Goya, Picasso, Allende, Garcia Marquez and Borges, to name only a few -- that have had and will continue to have profound impact on the nation and the world in the 21st century.

Requirements for this Major:

40 semester credits including:

and 16 semester credits from the following:

Note: There may be specific credit hour requirements for Internships. Students should review requirements with their academic advisor.

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