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Fine Arts (with Concentration)

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department of Lake Erie College is committed to educating the total artist. It is our goal to develop artists who are technically proficient; grounded in art’s rich history and the aesthetic theory of their craft; enriched through the education of the human spirit and imagination; and experienced in the preparation and production of high quality creative work.

Students may choose to focus on any one of the following concentrations:

The Theatre component of the Fine Arts program challenges students by providing an experiential approach to studying the art of theatre. Coursework on history and aesthetics provides a foundation for on-stage experience. Students may study acting, directing, backstage technologies, and all spheres of production as they work with Fine Arts faculty to build individualized courses of study that provide intense and personal artistic and academic opportunities.

Visual Art
Lake Erie College's Visual Arts program is centered on an interdisciplinary studies curriculum that prepares students for exciting careers in the arts. This comprehensive liberal arts approach to learning incorporates intensive studio technique classes, art theory and criticism, and studies in visual culture. The Visual Arts program also fosters students' self-confidence and skills by giving them opportunities to think critically, communicate effectively, and market their talents.

We facilitate the open exchange of ideas and cultivate a high level of creative energy. Our faculty encourages this kind of atmosphere because we find it to be the best way to maximize rapid progress in both the technical and creative growth of our students. As a result, we graduate dancers sound in both mind and body, with a sense of wonder about the world, and the curiosity to explore the place of their art within that world. We do hope that you come to see us and discover this for yourself.

In the true spirit of the Liberal Arts where diversity of disciplines studied broadens individual capacities to understand and to feel music studies at Lake Erie College are open to all students, regardless of their previous experience. Whether for simply broadening an understanding of the role of music in human history, or for pursuing music as the primary focus through a concentration within the Fine Arts major, no students are denied acceptance into the Music Program! A small department with an academy-like setting allows for abundant, individualized opportunities, curricula and private lessons. The Lake Erie College Music Program will tailor itself to your strengths, needs and aspirations as you pursue your passion!

All students have the opportunity to exhibit in the B. K. Smith Gallery located in the beautiful Royce Hall for the Fine and Performing Arts. Students work to install their pieces and handle preparatory tasks, including lighting and installation of artwork. Each exhibition opens with a public reception, which provides the invaluable opportunity for students to speak publicly about their work.

The B.A. is designed to provide a comprehensive liberal arts education to undergraduates in the fine arts. Students have the opportunity to complete a concentration in one of the following fine arts disciplines: dance, music, theatre, visual art or multi-disciplinary. Each fine arts major offers an in depth core curriculum unique to the individual discipline of study. Additionally, the major provides students with a background in all fine arts with experience in other disciplines of the fine arts separate from their chosen concentration.
The B.F.A. is an option, for either the fine arts with concentration or fine arts multi-disciplinary majors, for the student who wishes to work as professional artists or go on to graduate school. A student must demonstrate his/her candidacy for the B.F.A. degree through the quality of his/her work and approval by the fine arts faculty. The B.F.A. requires that the fine arts with concentration student complete a major work in one of the fine arts disciplines as a Senior Project (8 SH). The multi-disciplinary concentration student must complete a Senior Project that engages all the studied fine arts disciplines. The student will submit a proposal during the second semester of his/her sophomore year to the faculty in that discipline. Upon review, during the fall semester, of the student's junior year and with approval from all fine arts faculty the student may continue with the B.F.A. option.

Requirements for this Major:

Bachelor of Arts

56 semester credits including:

32 semester credits in the discipline of concentration

24 semester credits - eight credits in each of the three fine arts disciplines outside of the area of concentration.

Theatre Concentration

The theater component of the B.A. includes a core curriculum of courses within the theatres sub-divisions of performance and production experiences. Additional work in the theatre program is drawn from intermediate and advanced courses, chosen in consultation with advising theatre faculty, that best meet the interests and goals of the individual student.

32 semester credits including:

20 semester credits including:

And 12 semester credits from the following:

Note: There may be specific credit hour requirements for Internships. Students should review requirements with their academic advisor.

Visual Art Concentration

The visual art component of the B.A. includes a core curriculum of courses within the visual art sub-disciplines of two and three dimensional art practices. Additional work in the visual art program is drawn from the intermediate and advanced courses, chosen in consultation with advising visual art faculty, that best meet the interests and goals of the individual student.

32 semester credits including:

28 semester credits including:

and 4 semester credit from the following:

Multi-Disciplinary Concentration

This major is designed to provide a comprehensive liberal arts education to undergraduates in the fine arts. The multi-disciplinary concentration offers students the opportunity to study the arts and understand their interrelationships through artistic collaborations and creative explorations in all the arts. The major requires that students divide their interest among all four disciplines of the fine arts.

56 semester credits including:

14 semester credits from Dance (DN designation)

14 semester credits from Music (MU designation)

14 semester credits from Theatre (TH designation)

14 semester credits from Visual Arts (AT designation)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

64 semester credits including:

56 semester credits as outlined in the Fine Arts major with concentration

8 semester credits from the following:

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