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First-Year Seminar Business and Entrepreneurship


HU125 Business and Entrepreneurship Learning Community Curriculum

During the Fall semester, the students in the Business and Entrepreneurship Learning Community have a rare opportunity. They are enrolled in a first-year seminar class called The Pursuit of Happiness—a critical thinking class taught by no other but the Lake Erie College dean of the school of business, professor Bob Trebar.

In this class the students will explore, assess and critique what the humanistic tradition, ancient philosophy and contemporary physical and social science have to say about happiness. They will examine questions such as "what is happiness”, "what ‘causes’ people to be happy,” "What phenomena appear to discourage happiness,” and "why are some individuals and societies happier than others.” All of these topics, and many others, are explored through the lenses of multiple academic disciplines, and enhanced through events and activities in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, the students participating in this first-year seminar class viewed the movie "Tuesdays with Morrie” and participated in number of discussions on the topic of happiness, including during a trip to a local church where they listened to the presiding minister encourage his congregation to pursue their own happiness. They also had the opportunity to participate in Idea Lab, a local entrepreneurship competition with a monetary grand prize for the winner to continue developing his or her idea; and to visit the emerging company Cleveland Whiskey, led by LEC’s own Tom Lix, a former director of the LEC Center for Entrepreneurship now a co-founder of the newest distillery on the Cleveland market.

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